When Guardian Angels....Rap - Fancy - Fancy For Fans (Vinyl, LP)

His father only changed his mind after he recovered from a major operation. Segieth's career commenced in as a European-based pop singer and songwriter.

His role as a musician rapidly expanded as a producer, which lead to his music receiving worldwide airplay. Fancy had a number 1 in Spain with "Bolero". A further nine of his singles charted in both the top 10 and top 20 portions of the Media Control Singles Charts, this mainly covered the German charts during the mid to late 80s. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from When Guardian Angels Rap Fancy song.

German disco singer. This article has multiple issues. I need say nothing about Bohemian Rhapsody. It's a masterpiece, but I've heard it so much, that when I play this album, I always skip it!

You cant blame Queen for that. Even so , I cannot help thinking that this album is slightly over-rated and mostly for Bohemians reasons. I mean there are weaker songs on this album , I will not single them out, though and songs thay are a bit too easy Seaside RV to my tastes! And it's true, Queen has tremendous, enourmous talent and the album A Night at the Opera is certainly not a bore.

You won't yawn one minute. It is a very, very good rock and roll record but also a fairly good attempt at making it progressive. Queen were capable of standing on their own legs and even creating the wave. They were better musicians than the Beatles, they had crazy ideas like the Beatles and they did gave a chance to their band members to expand their tastes, but we do feel the shadow of the White Album once in a while.

Mercury had a strange taste for songs that sounded like a musical think of Honey Pie Side 4 of the White Album. Those are not the most progressive but they're fun like hell!

I'm very impressed by the containing of the record. It aged kinda well like most Queen albums and it has a lot of humor in it. Not a 'progressive rock' masterpiece, but certainly a real rock n' roll piece of history. Owning this record is possessing a true, genuine gem of the 70's that you play over and over throughout the years. Having been preceded by the phenomenally successful 6 minute single "Bohemian Rhapsody", the album was guaranteed a chart topping position even before it was released.

The title "A night at the opera" is taken from a film by the Marx Brothers, but aside from the operatic section of "Bohemian Rhapsody" there isn't actually much opera to be found here. Indeed, this is not a concept album, although the tracks do tend to sit well together. There is of course the usual variety of styles. Freddie Mercury slips in a couple of his brief, effeminate songs "Lazing on a Sunday afternoon" and "Seaside rendezvous" both of which sound instantly familiar.

He also contributes another fine ballad along the lines of "Lily of the valley" with "Love of my life". Roger Taylor comes up with one of his best compositions in "I'm in love with my car", once again one of the album's heaviest tracks. One of my personal favourites is Brian May's "'39", a haunting upbeat ballad. A fair portion of this is taken up with some multipart vocal acrobatics by Freddie Mercury assisted by some tape loops, similar to Brian May's guitar sections on "Brighton Rock" from the previous album.

While the novelty of this was undoubtedly appealing when the album was released, it can wear a bit thin these days. For me, the only real blooper on the album is "Sweet lady" which sounds weary, with a rather pathetic chorus.

So what of "Bohemian Rhapsody"? There had been successful singles previously which had breached the usual 3 minute limitation, "Hey Jude" by The Beatles and "McArthur Park" by Richard Harris come to mind immediately.

Nothing however had prepared the music world for the sheer pomp and audacity of Queen's new single. The track moves through more moods and styles in 6 minutes than most bands manage on an entire album. One minute your listening to pseudo opera, the next your faced with a heads down straight ahead burst of rock. Despite the record company's misgivings about the wisdom of releasing the track as a single, it was helped in no small part by a superb video. At the time of its release, such videos were rare, MTV still being some years in the future.

In the UK, the song took up residence at number one in the singles chart at a time when a hit single still had some relevance , and the video was played repeatedly on TV. Even today, it is not hard to see why the song was so revolutionary, indeed if ever "prog-related" needed defining in a song, "Bohemian Rhapsody" would fit the bit perfectly. So is "A night at the opera" Queen's best album?

With the benefit of 30 years hindsight, I'd have to say in my opinion, no. While it was undoubtedly a landmark release, which had a major influence on many genres including prog, I consider "Queen 2" to be the better album.

This album contains a lot of "fan-favorites" tracks like "Love Of My Life" and "Bohemian Rhapsody", which are truly classics from the band, but i hesitate on listening to them nowadays due to their constant playing, which caused me to get bored of both songs. I do admit that they are beautiful works by the band though, and "Bohemian Rhapsody's" video-clip is one of the most well done music videos ever.

The real gems here aren't so known though, and i'm talking about "Death on Two Legs" and "Prophet's Song". The former is an amazing opener with delightful arrangements, and the latter is another glamorous epic, which only fails on the acapella part, which is TOO long for my taste The rest of the album may look like a group of fillers, but how i wish all the fillers on prog world were that good - "Lazing on The problem on this album - and one of the reasons it is not a masterpiece - is, of course, "Sweet Lady".

This song just destroys the album's flow, making it not so consistent. They tried to make a rocker but failed miserably, producing a mediocre quasi-metal piece which is extremely annoying. Aside from that, the rest of the songs make this album deserving the 4 starred rating. While not perfect, ANATO is QUEEN's most diverse album, but the problem is that the most diverse an album is the higher is the risk of one or another song end up not pleasing everyone, and this is what happened here.

But the great majority of its tracks is top class and it is not one or another bad song that will take off the merits of the band on producing one of the most amazing pieces of art-rock ever. I bought this album in mid I listened to Queen for the first time in , not being very interested in the band. It was until early , when I listened to their "Live Killers" album that I really liked their music.

So, I bought this album, which I listened for the first time in , without being very interested then. But in , after repeated listenings, I liked very much this album. All the songs in this album have very good arrangements, mainly in the vocals.

It also has some funny songs which contast with the more elaborated "Progressive" songs. In conclusion: a very good album, with very good arrangements. All the musicians shine, but again, Brian May made sound his guitars very well, and maybe he shines more than the other musicians, but Queen was a very good band as a whole. A very well produced album. The album provides plentiful of good tunes, the opener "Death On Two Legs" is an excellent example, with it's nasty lyrics and unusual chord progressions.

Taylor the drummer and with outstanding drum passages. I'm often wondering why he didn't used to grab the microphone more often. He's got harsh, rocky, ballsy voice similar to Joe Cocker's, if not better. Another nice hard rock tune is "Sweet Lady" often overlooked by the fans themselves, but not bad at all. As the opposite of the hard rock songs, we have a bunch of vaudevillian mockeries, such are "Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon" with unbeatable Freddie's voice mimicking pre-WWII pronunciation , "Seaside Rendezvous" and "Sweet Lady" utilising ukulele, and vocal imitations of woodwind and brass instruments by band members.

I really appreciate when someone is able to make a masterpiece and without any hesitation implement a solid amount of good humour inside. The first and perhaps the only one appearance of the electric piano on Queen's track. Quite poppy, but excellent work. One gem often overlooked by progressive rock fans is one of Brian's masterpieces, country-blended "'39". Progheads are reluctant to listen or analyse this song because most of them are not fans of the country 'n' western music.

Well, neither am I, but hereby I'm responsibly making a statement: this song is a masterpiece of progressive rock. I know that lyrics are less important aspect for defining a genre, but Of course you did. You know, there's that phenomenon that good old Einstein noticed for the first time - the fact is, if you travel with a , let's say, spaceship close, similar, or even faster than the speed of light, the time will not be passing with the same speed for you and for someone that you left on the ground outside of your faster-than-light vessel.

Warning: Spoiler following. Anyway, in the year of '39 a group of astronauts-volunteers started to look for the new home in the stars, and they had left their wives and families. A bit later, they came back to their planet, and one of them recognised his infant daughter in a grown-up lady because her eyes reminded him of eyes of her mother passed away long time ago Touchy and tear-jerking.

This tremendous story is wrapped with simple country guitar chords, but with the multi-vocal chorus that resembles the real science-fiction atmosphere. Again, no synthesizers. On the other hand, "The Prophet's Song" is a real prog rock piece even form the purist's point of view.

Magnificent vocals and guitars, and all the other song's attributes can gain only superlatives. I dare to say that this song is the first progressive metal song ever. And last but not the least, "God Save The Queen", a brief adaptation of British national anthem will be their concert-closer for many years to come.

One more thing must be mentioned: Queen's ability to float the songs smoothly from one to another, giving the album almost conceptual feel. The best example is interlude between "The Prophet's Song" and "Love Of My Life"; it's really difficult to say where one song is ending and another one beginning.

There are a few more things that could be mentioned, but they are not so relevant, and I think I exposed more than enough parameters to present my vision of this album. For overall rating, count the stars carefully. This one is my favourite off the album. I've always liked this pop tune. The guitar solo before the 3 minute mark is beautiful. The song then becomes operatic and funny at the same time before it really rocks out my favourite part then winds back down.

I totally agree with Seyo's review, this is good but not an essential addition to your prog collection. The band had reached their maturity and the harder edge of their first albums for a more eclectic and explorative sound that dared to escape from Rock to touch the doors of Vaudeville, proving how versatile this great band always was Now, many Prog purists including myself made a scandal when QUEEN was added to Prog Archives, but with the pass of the months almost all of us are convinced that they deserved to be mentioned because their relation with our dear genre can't be denied.

But without more empty words, lets check the album: Death on Two Legs seems like a return to the heavier roots but much more elaborate due to the excellent piano intro, but it's clearly a Brian May track with plenty of room for his unique guitar performance and a lot of drama in the vocals. Lazing on the Sunday Afternoon and the posterior Seaside Rendezvous should be seen as two of a kind, the Vaudeville is back after decades od death, nice relievers that add a bit of comedy and relief to the dramatics of other pieces, this is the way in which an album gets balance, mixing hard with lighter tracks to avoid saturation in the audience.

I heard people saying the two are just fillers, but I believe they play a very important role in the album keeping the balance.

I'm in Love with my Car is probably the weakest spot of the album, the heavy distorted sound and the good vocals by Roger Taylor can't save it from the monotony, well not every album is perfect.

You're my Best Friend is a cute track, not memorable but good enough, the powerful vocals by Freddie are the highest point of the song, this added to a nice melody make of it a very pleasant listening experience. Sweet Lady is another hard track that is another weak spot, not bad but neither in the level of the rest of the album, Now it's time for the real deal Prophet's Song is absolutely perfect, the quintessential QUEEN Prog track, has absolutely everything great piano, outstanding guitars, the rhythm section is just perfect and the powerful vocals by Freddie and his choir is just breathtaking, the best song of the album by far.

After a short epic, a dramatic song and before a pompous stravaganza the band required another comedy relief and Good Company provides it, lowering the tension and preparing for the most famous track of their career, the ukulele gives a very nice touch, cute little song that fulfills it's purpose.

Without any doubt Bohemian Rhapsody is the song that catapulted QUEEN to the fame, as any Opera, starts dramatic and exaggerated with very theatrical lyrics that describe the situation as in a theater, the changes are soft but not for this reason less radical, they manage to make a great transition from one to the other until the point where Brian's guitar announces the operatic vocal madness of Freddie and the band, everything is perfect and to end a strong heavy section, another track that has everything.

The album ends with God save the Queen which is simply an anecdote and the perfect closer for every concert from then till the death of Freddie, where the story of the band ended, because no matter who they hire, there's no QUEEN without Freddie Mercury in the vocals. Some people believe everything they did after this album seems pale in comparison, but I do believe "A Day at the Races" is the twin album, not so pompous but equally strong.

I would love top rate "A Night at the Opera" with 5 stars but there are some small flaws and according to the interpretation of the guidelines, no Prog Related album should be rated with the maximum, so 4 stars may sound unfair but IMHO is the precise rating, because "A Night at the Opera" has a clear connection with Prog, if not I would have to go with 3 stars, thanks God I didn't had to make an injustice in this case, maybe in a non Prog site I would go with the top rating.

Of course I bought this album for Bohemain Rhapsody, but these rockers really made me confident in my purchase. Death on Two Legs has one of the most effective uses of the Queen chorus that I can think of, and plenty of heavy guitar from May. The same goes for My Car and Sweet Lady, except they are a bit less catchy. The Prophet's Song is also a real find--to me it's a glimpse of the kind of music that Queen would have produced if they would have remained in their Queen II mindset.

You'll also hear a unique, multiple-Freddie echo section that demonstrates the band's musical ability to harmonize so quickly and creatively. Of course, the band saves their best for last, and Bohemian Rhapsody is where Queen put together all their potential for energetically and concisely combining their rocking, symphonic, and operatic facets.

It's overplayed for a reason--it's unique, catchy and creative music. Also, great touch by rounding out the album with the overdubbed guitar piece, God Save the Queen. Of course, the whole band was on board for these tunes, but I don't think they would ever have been recorded without Mercury. Most of them are goofy or overly sappy, but thankfully they are short.

Unfortunately, for me they really inhibit the cohesiveness and flow of the album as a whole. Plenty of great moments, and also a number of forgettable ones. If you want an introduction to Queen, this is a good place to start, but I think that each of their earlier albums is at least as proggy as this. After A Night at the Opera, Queen produced a second Marx brothers inspired album which was basically identical except they forgot to, or were simply unable or unwilling to, include any good songs.

If you don't know Queen, and I can't see quite how, or if you just feel you must have something by them, you can start and stop right here, because it's all downhill afterwards, much in the manner of the British Empire and its namesake monarchy. It was the day I have purchased this album. Just before attending Jaws. These two events are closely related in my old mind. As usual, one gets a fabulous opening song. Death On two Legs belongs to the great Queen songs.

Fabulous vocals harmonies, superb and wild beat, sublime May work. It should have last longer. With such a start, the best can be expected. But the worse is just next door, unfortunately. Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon is a short and stupid song as Queen has already gratified the fans same applies to the almost ridicule and useless Seaside Rendez-Vous. Very few drummers in the rock history will hold such a great role in a major band.

Composing work and excellent vocals. He is of course always on the hard edge of Queen. But still, the melodies are not forgotten. The childish Deacon You're My Best Friend has never been a fave of mine and the country-like 39 can't be called a masterpiece either. Or am I wrong? But we'll get into more powerful and serious territories with Sweet Lady.

Nothing sweet, I bet you. A wild hard-rocking number as I like. The craziness of Brighton Rock is there again. Totally disjointed.

A more typical May song and far much better than Side B starts with an incredible track May again. The Prophets Song is another jewel of this very good album. Not easily accessible, it features a very powerful and special a cappella vocals part. At the same time, he began shopping around his own compositions which he occasionally recorded under the name "Tess Teiges," beginning in If there was a "Year that Italo Broke," then was probably it too.

In Manfred adopted the suitably Italian alias, " Manfred Perilano" but more importantly, the nom de discque of "Fancy. Archived from the original on 25 May The Times. The Fader. Tom Hull — on the Web. Archived from the original on 9 July Retrieved 9 July Archived from the original on 9 June Retrieved 13 June Archived from the original on 26 June Retrieved 24 June Archived from the original on 10 June Archived from the original on 17 June Retrieved 17 June Archived from the original on 11 June Retrieved 14 June Consequence of Sound.

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Number 1 Angel Pop 2. Live at Emo's.

Mar 31,  · Rap(The 4 On The Floor Radio Version)" was released on Fancy's single "When Guardian Angels Rap" and it is the first single from Fancy's album "Six-Deep In My Heart".

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  1. Dec 12,  · View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Fancy For Fans on Discogs. Label: ZYX Music - ZYX • Format: Vinyl LP, Compilation, Reissue • Country: Germany • Genre: Electronic, Pop • Style: Europop, Synth-pop, Disco/5(14).
  2. Sep 24,  · Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Fancy - Fancy For Fans at Discogs. Complete your Fancy collection/5(29).
  3. Dec 12,  · Fancy For Fans out of 5 based on ratings. user reviews Fancy For Fans. Back FANCY Fancy For Fans When Guardian Angels rap: 4. Flames Of Love / Love Flames: 5. Deep In My Heart / In My Heart: Vinyl Lp. Number of discs: 1. Number of tracks: PC: M Goto Top. ZYX Music Distribution Ltd.
  4. Rap" is a Hip-House remake of Fancy's previous single "When Guardian Angels Cry". Both singles came out in The single reflects the new direction Fancy was taking on the album "Six", with it building on his Disco/High-NRG sound of his previous album "Five" and adding Hip-House/House to the mix/5(18).
  5. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of When Guardian Angels Rap on Discogs. Label: ZYX Records - ZYX • Format: Vinyl Label: ZYX Records - ZYX • Format: Vinyl 12 Explore Fancy Feat. Grandmaster Tess* & Steve D 5* ‎– When Guardian Angels Rap Label: ZYX /5(6).
  6. Fancy ‎– Fancy For Fans Label: ZYX Music ‎– ZYX Format: Vinyl, LP, Compilation, Reissue Country: Germany Released: Genre: Electronic, Pop Style: Europop, Synth-pop, Disco Tracklist Hide Credits A1 Slice Me Nice / S.L.I.C.E. Written-By – Dockery, Toss*, Canedy* A2 Fools Cry / Whenever Fools Cry.
  7. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of When Guardian Angels Rap on Discogs. Label: ZYX Records - • Format: Vinyl
  8. Sep 09,  · "When Guardian Angels Rap" was released on Fancy's single "When Guardian Angels Rap" and it is the first single from Fancy's album "Six-Deep In My Heart".

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